Business Consultant in Social Media Marketing
Ekaterina Perepelitsyna
about me
Hello, my dear friend! My name is Ekaterina and I love opening new opportunities and trends in marketing. On a daily basis, I research tens of hundreds of websites, eagerly looking for useful tools and techniques to improve your business!
Equipped with three post-secondary degrees in marketing, business administration and finance, I possess strong knowledge base that helps me to deliver desired results.
In addition, I have a number of professional certificates in the field.

I am perfectionist, and my slogan for life is to do everything to the maximum. But I always set realistic goals for myself, in order to really achieve them.
This is why I received a gold medal at high school and was awarded as the top performing student in Seneca College.
Since I have extensive exposure to sales and marketing, I focus only on delivering the desired work.
At university, I studied and analyzed a number of business cases, and came up with solutions necessary for successful interpretation of the business requirements.

Technical Capability
SPSS, GSuit, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office: Excel, Power Point, Word,Outlook, Mac platform, Canva, Tilda, Wordpress, LPGenerator, SEO, Mailchimp, GetResponse, Tooligram, Beliked, Fotojet
English - fluent, Russian - native
skills and Services
Business Research and Analysis
  • SWOT analysis to determine the strength and weaknesses of your company
  • PESTEL analysis to determine the external factors affecting your business
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Analysis and determination of the target audience by 4 criteria: demographic, psychographic, geographic, behavioral
  • 4 P's analysis: product, place, price, promotion, for choosing strategies and tactics for each item
  • Analysis of current marketing activity and financial sphere
  • And I will give recommendations for further promotion
Funnel Analysis
  • I will create and work on product positioning and position statement
  • I will identify the interests, needs and pains of the target audience
  • I will work on a product line, options for lead magnets, trap goods, key offers and multipliers
  • I will launch a sales funnel and control the process and reveal the results
Landing Pages
  • I will make a landing page for your business
  • I will develop a page design and select a corporate identity
  • I will create a page in Tilda, Wordpress, and LPGenerator constructors
  • I will connect facebook and instagram pages to the landing page
  • I will connect GoogleAnalytics to analyze website visitors
  • I will work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your site is at the top of the search engine
  • I will draw up a content plan, a post schedule and develop a rubrics for Instagram and Facebook
  • I will design posts in a single unique style and color scheme
  • I will support the activity of the audience: I will answer questions, create marathons and competitions
  • I will launch targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook
  • I will connect the services of mass following on Tooligram, Beliked
E-mail newsletters
  • I will write the content and work out the design for the mass e-mail
  • I will create a system of interaction with existing customers
  • I will calculate the effectiveness of e-mail newsletters via CTR (click-through-rate)
  • I will set up e-mail newsletter in the programs Mailchimp, GetResponse
  • I will make presentations in Power Point for the required pitch such as commercial proposals, webinars, or progress reports
  • I will pick up legal images from 20 photo stocks,
    and edit them in Canva, Fotojet
  • I will pick up unique fonts from 162 Cyrillic fonts and a set of 1000 icons
  • I will add infographics and select unique presentation templates
Design and Copywriting
  • I will provide several options for texts and design
  • I will write useful and selling posts and articles on social media and blogs
  • I will edit and adapt the text submitted by the client to the current task
My Work
Project for Valentina Karasaeva "Recommendations for parents on how to make education as effective as possible for their child."
Funnel Analysis
For online organic store in Russia "Organic Garage".
Content Plan and Posts Schedule
For online course Andryashina Mary "Instagram from scratch".
Landing Page
For kite-surfing school in Egypt.
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+1 437 488-80-40 Phone
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